Newtown Junior School, 1957/58

Class at Newtown Junior School c1957/58. I’ve named the I can remember the names of. Can anyone fill in the blanks?

Photograph and details courtesy of Mike Baker.

16 May 2023 Update: The names have kindly been updated with the help of Lynda House nee Brown and Mike Ross…

16 thoughts on “Newtown Junior School, 1957/58

    • Hi Mike.
      I’m the other Mike (Baker) back row, extreme right and I posted the picture. I’ve had a kind person give me a number of names and I keep promising myself that I’ll update the post. Now you’ve replied I will put it on my to do list ….honest but this retirement lark does get in the way of doing things.
      I now live near the Peak District in Derbyshire.
      Hope you’re well?


  1. I have the exact same pic! Faces are familiar-not all names. I (Mike Ross) am bottom right next to Chapman and Richardson on his right. Then Carr. I sat next to Peter Bell.


    • Hello Mike, good to see you on Picture Stockton. Just to say that I still have the 6 inch reflector that we made in your shed about 60 years ago. I last had it resilvered some 30 years ago, and the company was surprised that such an accurate mirror had been hand ground. A tribute to your precision.


      • Hi Mike, Hope you are well too. I am OK – managing to stay away from doctors plus walking and playing tennis. I have been in Canada for the last 54 years – 39 of them in Vancouver where I am now. I miss walking on the moors a lot.


      • Hi Cliff, Thanks for the flattery. I have a pic of me and this 8″ telescope but don’t know how to send it to you.


  2. Mike, I was in the same year at Grangefield as a number of boys in your class, and I think I can identify another one. The boy at the right hand end of the front row reminds me of Michael Ross, does that name ring any bells with you?


    • Too right Cliff it was Michael Ross. I think you and I were in the same form at Grangefield. Do you have any idea what happened to Maggie Davies, Jan Roberts and Cathy Watson?


  3. Just remembered Pauline Zucca had a younger sister called Jacki and I spotted her on a picture from Grangefield Girls School hockey team. They lived in Elmwood Grove not far from where I lived in Glaisdale Avenue. Would love to hear from them and my email address is with Stockton Archives.


  4. Newtown Junior School 1957/58 photo.
    I can fill in some blanks!
    First row of girls left to right
    Maureen Brown, Lynda Brown, Pauline Zucca,
    Pat ?, Pamela Fowell, ?, Mr Carr, Sandra McBirnie, ?, Kathleen James, Diana Bell, Patricia ?, Gwen Chilton.
    Row behind first row of girls
    Malcolm Flintoff, ?, Pat Wall, Dorothy Brown, Patricia Braithwaite, Helen ?, Beryl Lowe, ?,
    Kathryn Goddard, Jennifer Sugden, Sandra Honeyman, Kenneth Aspinall, Paul Steer.


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