Wellington Terrace, Norton Road

t10700Situated on Wellington Terrace, Norton Road was a three storey building known as Wellington House – a Diocesan Training Home for servants c1900, it then became St. Mary’s Convent School shortly afterwards. When a new school building was built behind St. Mary’s Catholic Church (seen in the distance) in 1909, Wellington House then became St. Gerard’s Convent.

Photograph courtesy of Mrs Denton.

Stockton Parish Church and War Memorial c1955

This photograph taken from the High Street shows the Parish Church and War Memorial. The Parish Church was built from 1710-1712 and restored in 1893. The chancel was rebuilt in 1906 and the side chapel added in 1925. The War Memorial was erected in 1923.

Also seen in the photograph is a ‘Keep Left’ traffic bollard and a ‘No Waiting’ sign. The police station situated on Church Road (formerly Church Row) was purchased in 1872 and can just be seen behind the Church. We believe this photograph to be c1955.