Eaglescliffe Railway Station c1930

A ships rudder weighing 54 Tons is seen here at Eaglescliffe Railway Station on the 8 May 1930 on it’s way from the Darlington Forge Works to Middlesbrough Docks.
The new replacement rudder for the RMS Aquitania measured 19 x 28 feet and over-hung the flat railcar by 13 feet which gave little room for manoeuvre when the train passed signal posts, loading ramps and passenger platforms along it’s route and it was here at Eaglescliffe were the rudder came closest to a signal only missing it by 3 inches! Interestingly the press report states both Eagles Cliff and the Port Of Middlesbrough from were the rudder was loaded onto a cargo ship which took it down to Southampton.

Photograph and details courtesy of David Thompson and Charles Young.