The bowling green, Ropner Park. c1959

Benches in use by the bowling spectators at the bowling green in Ropner Park, Stockton. c1959. Bowling in progress on the bowling green with the pavilion behind. Ropner park was opened in 1893 on land given by Sir robert Ropner. Photo. c1959. Trees surrounding the bowling green in Ropner Park, Stockton with a game in progress. c1959.

2 thoughts on “The bowling green, Ropner Park. c1959

  1. My relations lived in Marlborough Road and as children we would visit them as a family. One occasion we were there near to the bowling green and being rather noisy. The men were playing bowls and the game stopped and they glared at us. Amongst them was my headmaster Bill Rosser. I thought at school the next day I would be reprimanded but nothing was said.


  2. I am very surprised that there are no comments for this photo. Would have thought that some readers of the forum played here. I think that there were 3 clubs that played their league matches here.
    My father played for one of them. Stockton United? The Rooks played here. Far from being just for older men there were very skilful women and young men, boys, playing on these rinks.


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