10 thoughts on “Model of the SS Millpool.

  1. Casualties from SS Millpool

    A. NEWTON. Age 58. (Master) of Dalton-on-Tees, Darlington
    R. SARGENT. Age 62. (1st Mate) of 67 Eamont Gardens, West Hartlepool
    J. GILLARD. Age 38. (2nd Mate) of 26 Oak Avenue, South Shields
    C.J. LOWE. Age 25. (3rd Mate) of Stockton Road, Greatham. (Born Stockton-on-Tees)
    D.G. COWDEN. Age 21. (WTO) of Croft House Moulds, Penrith
    W. SCORER. Age 28. (Carpenter) of 14 Upper Penman St, North Shields
    J. NOOR. Age 55. (Bosun) of 11 Hampden St, South Shields
    J.R. EKE. Age 54. (Sailor) of 5 South St, West Hartlepool
    H. COOK. Age 28. (AB) of 56 Chester Road, West Hartlepool
    A.S. ROBSON. Age 33. (Sailor) of 31 George St, West Hartlepool
    E. HORST. Age 23. (Sailor) of 9 Edgar St, West Hartlepool
    K. PETERSEN. Age 57. (AB) of Scarborough St, West Hartlepool
    T.C. NESBITT. Age 51. (1st Engineer) of 60 Osbourne Road, West Hartlepool
    W. DEVONPORT. Age 55. (2nd Engineer) of 45 Netherburn Road, Sunderland
    J.M. BELL. Age 52. (3rd Engineer) of 35 Durham St, Hartlepool
    G. BRAITHWAITE. Age 50. (4th Engineer) of 28 Moreland St, West Hartlepool
    W. BALL. Age 57. (Donkeyman) of 37 Mozart St, South Shields (Born Stockton-on-Tees)
    T. O’CONNER. Age 38. (Fireman & Trimmer) of Bramley St, West Hartlepool
    J. O’CONNER. Age 43. (Fireman & Trimmer) of 19 Heathfield Drive, West Hartlepool
    J. KELLY. Age 24. (Fireman & Trimmer) of 19 Queen St, West Hartlepool
    W. BATES. Age 49. (Fireman & Trimmer) of 20 Scarborough St, West Hartlepool. (Born Stockton-on-Tees
    J. WATERS. Age 61. (Fireman & Trimmer) of 3 Andrew Place, West Hartlepool
    F.H. SPARROW. Age 34. (Fireman & Trimmer) of 93 Scarborough St, West Hartlepool
    D.A. EDERISINGHI. Age 46. (Steward) of Dockray Square, North Shields
    J. PETERS. Age 58. (Cook) of 12 Winchester St, South Shields
    J.G. FERRANDA. Age 34. (General Servant) of 194 Stephenson St, North Shields.


  2. Hi Do you have any infomation on the SS Skidby built by Ropner and sons .I know it was sunk in 1905 off sable island. but im looking for any photos or plans of the ship to make a model .My grandfather was the 3rd engineer Mr John Jamieson thank you .David Jamieson


  3. My Grandfather John Kirsted (cook) was due to sail with vessel, but Grandmother convinced him to give up the sea. All his shipmates of course were lost. He was presented with painting of vessel which was always above his favourite seat in the house.


  4. Captain Arthur Newton of the SS Millpool was my grandfather and I was born exactly twenty years to the day after he was lost at sea with his crew. My grandmother made the comment to my mother when I was born “One door closes, another door opens…”. I know this was an exceptional storm in this part of the Atlantic but I would be interested to learn of the outcome of the enquiry or any further details about Captain Newton and the SS Millpool.


  5. MILLPOOL, 4,218grt, built 1906 (Ropner & Son, Stockton) for the Pool Shipping Co. Ltd. Sunk without trace in a severe storm in the North Atlantic on the 3rd October 1934 on voyage from Danzig to Montreal with a cargo of Rye. The ships distress message sent from position 53’ 30N 37’ 10W and was picked up by the Ropner ship SS AINDERBY caught in the same storm, with the MILLPOOL stating her “aft hatch stove in and her topmast gone”. One of the last messages received telling how her engine room was flooding, then no more was heard. When rescue vessels reached her last known position there was no trace of her to be found. The winter storms of 1934 in the North Atlantic were reputed to be some of the worst on record.


  6. Supplementary to my first comments – The Arcwear was not in the same storm as the one in which Millpool was lost, the account in Hansard is of a storm on 24th February 1935, but nevertheless makes interesting reading as to the conditions in which the Millpool was lost.


  7. I have a copy of Hansard, Tuesday 26th March 1935, (Column 1786), in which there is reference to the loss of S.S.Millpool, amongst other vessels. In the same HofC debate there is reproduced, as read out, a letter from my late neighbour the Captain of the Arcwear, which because of its steel hatches survived the full gale and a freak wave which I think was during the same storm as that in which the Millpool was lost. It makes interesting, if daunting reading and helps perhaps to understand how some apparently well found ships were lost with all hands. (photocopies of the extract could be provided on request) gat.liverpoolpilot@ntlworld.com will find me


  8. The Millpool was a trunk deck steamer – a type of ship developed to take advantage of the Suez Canal as the small upper deck was attracted a lower toll than a full width one. This was a similar type of construction and copied the turret deck ships built in Sunderland for the same reason. The Millpool was built at Sir Robert Ropner’s North Shore Ship Yard in Stockton and the engines were built at Blairs Engine Works on Norton Road (later the site of Hills Doors). She was launched in 1906 and lost on 3 October 1934.


  9. Apparently the Millpool disappeared without trace in the mid-Atlantic whilst carrying a cargo of grain. The theory being the hatch covers were damaged and the grain got wet and swelled up pushing the ship apart. Does anyone have any more information about this?


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