8 thoughts on “Stockton High Street, from Yarm Road c1984

  1. My grandfather was born in 6 Wharfe Street in 1927, his fathers name was James Brown and his mother was Hannah “Beck” Brown. Anyone who remembers them I would be greatful of any information.


    • My gran lived at number 13 Wharf Street Billy Riley, Laurence Healy changed his name to Riley when gran married again. Edith Marie Healy, Mary Riley, Sheila Riley. Edith Marie became Young my dad was Bob Young, then mum had Billy Young Laurence Young and James Young I came along in the 50s.


  2. Wharfe Street My Great Grandparents and grandmother Elizabeth Ann Morris lived in 1 Wharfe street about 1920. Great grandad was called Wilson Morris, he was a rolleyman possibly at the nearby foundry. My grandmother then married Joseph Bernard Metcalf from 6 Wood Street which I think was near the now derelict Holy Trinity Church. If any one can remember them I would be interested to know.


  3. My grandfathers sister a Frances Adelaide Tuck also lived at Wharf Street no 13 in 1883 and I wonder if any one else had pictures of this street.


    • I don’t know the year but my grand parents live at 13 Wharf Street Mary Eliza and William (Billy) Riley. I was born in 53 but my brother Billy Young, Laurayne Young. James Young and me Maxine Young used to often stay with them.
      There son was Laurence Healy then mam Edith Healy, Mary Riley, Sheila Riley. My gran was previously Healy but when he died she married again.


  4. My grandparents lived in 6 Wharfe Street, also my mother Elsie Ogden along with her brothers and sisters.  This was 1940-1958, Anyone out there remember them?  My grandparents were William and Mary Ogden. I think my grandfather had something to do with horses, I remember him bringing one home all done with rosettes and brasses, could have worked for the Co-op


  5. Picture is actually taken from Bridge Road, looking towards the High Street. The Swallow Hotel can bee seen on the right, and the DHSS offices are on the left.


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