3 thoughts on “A yard, off Stockton High Street. c1967

  1. Gents Yard and Victoria Yard are in the block bounded by the High Street, Yarm Lane, West Row and Ramsgate. On the map I can read that Victoria Yard was behind the Victoria Pub on the High Street and I can just see the name Yard further up towards Ramsgate behind the Exchange Pub, (don’t think this pub is there any more) so I am presuming this was Gents Yard, on the census the municipal ward name was Exchange so I am guessing this is the correct area.


  2. Does anyone know where Gents Yard and Victoria Yard were? According to census records I had relatives who were stonemasons living there.


  3. Stockton yard 1967 This is Hambeltonian Yard west of the Shambles , note the arched exit far end into West Row. A wrought iron finishing-post, horse and jockey on thewall above the High Street entrance. “Hambeltonian IV”, owned by Lord Londenderry and winner of many “Classics “in 1790s


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