A view of Castlegate

Looking up Castlegate, showing the side wall of the Empire Theatre. The site was occupied by Stockton Castle until 1652, then in 1841 two town houses were built, these were demolished in 1904. The Castle Theatre (renamed Empire) opened 1908, closed 1961, demolished 1968. The Swallow Hotel opened on the site in 1973.Photo c1965

4 thoughts on “A view of Castlegate

  1. Does anyone out there have information/memories of The Patisserie Belge/Vane”s cakes? I have a photograph which does not match the one held in these archives – the shop front is differently configured – the door is rather more central in my photo. Perhaps there was another branch somewhwere else in the area – probably pre-war? I have a feeling that someone once said this to me. It just goes to prove you should take an interest in family history before previous generations are no longer there to ask.


  2. Ah, Vane”s Patisserie Belge! What a wonderful shop pre war (WWII) and even during the wartime years but emerging into glory again post war. I queued there for my mother on Saturday mornings when I was available from playing football. Great to see a direct descendent of D Vane posting. Castlegate was a street for wandering down after school to the riverside to see what shipping was in. Was the Gazette”s listing of the ships at the wharves correct?


  3. On the right of this photograph was the bakery of D.Vane (my grandfather) of the Patisserie Belge of 791/2 High Street which I remember visiting in the early 1950s.


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