10 thoughts on “Stockton High Street. c1957

  1. Sorry Colin, don”t think my husbands family had anyone called Cliff but they definitely had relations that went to Australia. Will ask around for you. Regards


  2. I sort of remember this as Jones” but it became Richard Shops and in the 60s it sold the most marvelous dresses. Long, evening type dresses in, perfect for ladies night at the Fiesta, they were expensive, hence the reason I have still kept two. There is no chance I will ever fit into them again but they are so beautiful I just haven”t the heart to throw them away. Wonder if Preston Park Museum wants them?


  3. Anon. I can only remember the late 50″s-early 60″s when I recall J Jones, so I dont know of the earlier years. It was an expensive shop-not a place I would buy my clothes from in those days!!


  4. Irene- there was a large, high class, ladies costumers and dressmakers shop called Jones(Manchester)1920 Ltd at 146/7 High Street, Stockton for many years. My family has an impressive posed photo of the younger female staff in 1921, all dressed up in the fashion of the day. From my memory of it, this photo shows several employees at Jones”s, and a few can be identified from the faded inscription, a Miss Wilberforce(possibly the supervisor), a Miss Groskop, with possibly a third a Miss Mc. Kivett as less certain. I live many miles from this photo now so cannot submit it at present. Is this the same shop as pictured, or was the shop I refer to “felled” years ago for the post-war re-builds?


  5. The shop on the corner was John Collier”s in the 70s and 80s and Burton”s was actually further down towards Debenhams. I think John Collier”s and Burton”s merged at some point in the mid-80s and took over the bigger corner site. What is there now?


  6. I can remember [I think] a high class ladies shop called J Jones where Burtons is now in the High Street. Lots of fur coats in the very large windows.


  7. Dianne, here is a photo of this side of the High Street. I don”t know the name of the shop was before Burton”s, but Burton”s was next door to Robinson”s before moving to it”s present site. Hope this helps.


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