Greens House Farm c1930

A view of Greens House Farm looking south from Fairfield Road. The farm was on Greens Lane at its junction with Fairfield Road and Oxbridge Lane. 18th Century building listed pre 1925 as Greens house. Demolished c1960s. The land is now the site of Fairfield Branch Library and Ian Ramsey Church of England Comprehensive School c1930

6 thoughts on “Greens House Farm c1930

  1. Does anyone remeber the farm near there? Hill House Farm East HartBurn Durham. I looked on an ordinance survey and it was somewhere on the fields to the back of Ian Ramsey .It was there in 1906 as my grandad was born there . Anyone have an old photo or remember it??


  2. Unfortunatly not ,but I remember it also.Us fairfield kids used to have to travel to Oxbridge School (Penny Ha”penny)as it was the only school in the area at the time. I once got off the bus here With Raymond Adams we went through the gate into the cornfield (where Ian Ramsey is now) and walked along the valley home “a shortcut that took three times as long” an got a roasting off our mothers for worrying them.


  3. I remember the white farm gate still in the hedge outside the (“upper”)school, formerly the secondary modern, in 1981. Is it still there?


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