1 thought on “St Michaels Church football team.

  1. Got this from a website, not sure if it is the same team: Boldmore St Micheals FC ‘The Mikes’ Boldmere St.Michaels Football Club was founded in 1883 as a Youth football team attached to a local church, playing friendly matches against other local church teams. Eventually, the desire for competitive football became evident so the teams entered a local league. As the years passed, the boys wanted to continue playing football together so open age football came about. Several minor local leagues were played in and progression was achieved, culminating in the Club entering the Birmingham & District Amateur League. Just prior to and after the Second World War, Boldmere was amongst the leading amateur clubs in the country and immediately after winning the Birmingham & District Amateur League Championship, the club entered the Central Amateur League for the 1937/38 season in which they finished 8th out of twelve teams. The following season saw an improvement to 5th place, but before a ball was kicked in the 1939/40 season, footballing activities ceased as war broke out.


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