3 thoughts on “ICI Billingham. 1989

  1. We are trying to trace the (personal) origins of a clock that was evidently made by the Apprentices at ICI Billingham in the engineering department, and presented to J.W. Bansall on 30th September 1952. Any leads would be most gratefully received at dstevenson17@cox.net


    • I am in posession of this clock, which was bought off of Ebay a few years ago, here in the USA. I was doing some research to find out the origins, what was J.W Banshall’s position? I’m assuming this clock was given to him as a retirement gift?


    • They were not a one off, when I retired they gave me both a clock and weather clock both with my name and the date on. I was management whom to my knowledge the only people to get them, though not too many got them.
      ICI employed a large work force including engineering works, it was mainly those people who got them.
      Sorry I do not recall the name mentioned.


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