4 thoughts on “Terraced houses in Stockton. c1970

  1. This definitely isn’t Mary Street but does look like Alexandra Street. I lived at 16 Mary Street from 1953 to 1970 with my parents Toomy and Audrey McLeod. I spent 6 happy years at Oxbridge Lane School between 1958 and 1964.


  2. If this is Alexandra Street then the large building in the background looks to me more like Head Wrightson. This was formerly the sight of the Stockton Steel Foundry. The large fabricated building was extended by Head Wrightson in the 1950s and ran parallel along Light Pipe Hall Road from Tynedale Street to Riley Street. The large vents on the roof line are more typical of a foundry than a boiler works. If the photograph was taken along Mary Street you would indeed see the Riley”s entrance gates, but the building itself was set further back at an angle running parallel to the railway line.


  3. The photograph above is not in fact Mary street,but is the street next to it Alexandra st. Riley”s boiler works can clearly be seen at the bottom of the street,if it had been Mary st you would have seen the gates to the works,and possibly the Mill field coal yard office,as Mary street backed onto the railway.My family lived in 10 Alexandra street,and lots of aunties uncles and cousins lived nearby, until the houses were demolished in 1969.The wall of the house painted white,was that old fashioned whitewash that came off on to your clothes every-time you brushed passed it,such a large community in such a small area.


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