7 thoughts on “Stockton Charity Carnival c1932

  1. The woman to the left of the girl with a bunch of flowers is my Nana, Meggie Marshall née Stephenson.My uncle, who is the blonde boy to the right of the young boy with a top hat on,remembers the photo being taken outside their house in 1935 and they were celebrating the Jubilee.


    • My dad lived on Leeds St. his name was Harry Marshall. His brothers were George, Bill, Lewis Ken. He also had sister, whom I think was called Florie. If your nana and grandad were related to him I would love to know.


      • Lewis was Lawrence, we called him uncle Lol. Your dad Harry is our uncle and you and your brother our cousins. Chris has the family history and I have lots of old family pics of the Marshalls. If you would like to get in touch I can share them with you.


        • Sorry for getting back so late. You’re right, we knew him as uncle Lol and your dad must be uncle Ken. I completely lost touch with the Marshall family and would love to know more. For example, did nana Meg originally come from Darlington? And did she end her days in the care home in Roseworth? What happened to our Grandad? I never met him. And, was there a sister?


          • Are you on Facebook? If you can get in touch with one of us we can give you information and keep in touch. Chris has the family tree and I’ve got some photos. There was a sister, but it is a sad story. Look me up under Julie Gale or look up Chris Elstob. X


  2. The dark-haired woman wearing a hat second from the left is my granny Annie Fullerton Smith. The little girl standing second from left with a flower in her hat is my mother Alice Frank (nee Fullerton Smith).


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