3 thoughts on “Durham Light Infantry. 1952

  1. This I believe was a parade for FM Lord Slim who was leaving for Australia as Gov General. The 1st Northumberland Fusiliers, 2nd Green Howards and 2 DLI paraded with Bands. 2 DLI left here for Germany shortly after. Here they won the Army Football Cup. The Bn was re-formed in 1952 and placed in suspended animation in 1956 The final parade being at Durham with the colours laid up in the Cathedral. I served in 2GH , my best friend Peter Cutter served in 2 DLI at the same time. He played in the team that won the Army Cup but was killed on Portrack Lane in an accident in 1955 after leaving the army.


    • My dad Richard Winn enlisted at Durham 27th September 1920. His army record is as follows-home 27/9/1920-3/10/1921, en route India 4/10/21-28/1021. India 29/10/21-1/27, China 27/1/27-22/7/27, India 23/7/27-29/12/27 en route U.K 30/12/27-19/1/28 HOME 10/1/28-3/2/28 HOME RESERVE 4/2/28.7 years with the colours, 4 years reserve.
      Whilst in the U.k with the reserve he was in the campaign for the liberation of Norway. During W.W 2 was attached to search lights regiment.


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