3 thoughts on “Construction on the riverside. c1950

  1. Unlike earlier c.1950 photos took in this direction, the last houses in Smithfield are now demolished (last house in Garden Place partly demolished) and the new Co-op dairy largely constructed (all top left). Council records of 5/9/50 indicate the steel decking on the roof of the new warehouse nearly complete apart from a protective finish, those of 3/10/50 indicate external brickwork of the warehouse complete, and the roof cover complete within a few days.


  2. Alderman A. Ross, Chairman, Stockton Industrial Development Committee, opened the new quayside extension and warehouse, cost c.116K pounds, on 2/3/1951. The extension is 328 feet in length and the new warehouse (above) has a floor area of 2382 square yards. Equipped with modern methods of mechanical handling it has been let to SPD Ltd, distributors for the Lever Bros and Unilever organisation, whose products will arrive by boat in bulk for storage at the warehouse and then distributed by road and rail as far as the Pennines/Thirsk/B.Auckland.


  3. The picture was taken, along with quite a few others of the construction of a small marshalling yard intended to serve the new quay. The Malleable Works is in the far background, and on the right hand side of the picture are some chimneys, presumably belonging to the open hearth steel furnaces. In a sense these railway lines were the last extension of the orginal Stockton and Darlington railway.


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