2 thoughts on “Robert Ropner at Army Camp – WW1

  1. Because of postings I have put on picturestockton about the grandad I never knew and only last year got hold of his war record and who he worked for before he joined the K.O.S.B have now had several people contact me about thier grandads, great grandads and great uncles who were also in the K.O.S.B at Gallipoli & France. Seems there were more than a few Stockton lads who joined the K.O.S.B just before the great war and some were born in the same parts of stockton as my grandad, Housewifes Lane area. As I dont know what my grandad looked like but know how tall he was, colour of hair and eyes but no photo has been handed down through my side of the Casey family. My grandads youngest sister Elizabeth was a witness at grandads wedding St Marys 1917, Elizabeth married James Gavaghan, one casey married a Jobson, grans maiden name was Kirk. Just wonder if any of them had photos passed down to them of my grandad Robert Casey. Please ask picturestockton for my e-mail address if you can help.


  2. My grandad Robert Casey worked for Ropners and Sons before great war, he left 1912 to join the K.O.S.B, served with them until discharged due to wounds received 1st day of the Somme 1916. He was one of those men who would be named Old Contemtables, he was born Housewife lane. Wonder if Ropners & Sons same family who owned shiping and ship builders as he was a apprentice rivetter before joining army, any one who may help with information please ask the PictureStockton team for my e-mail address. All the best.


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