Heavisides Part 2 – Fairy Dell.

From a Photo taken with a No. 5 Poco Camera by M. Heavisides. Remembering our conversation with the old man, near Holwick, one afternoon we set out for the abode of the fairies. The three grace are in ecstasies at discovering tiny flowers, beautiful in form and colour, nestling amongst the grass. Evidently they are of an Alpine character. We next come to a small mountain stream, which is on its way to form the waterfall. At last we appear before Fairy Dell waterfall, a delightful bit of nature unalloyed. Looking down westward, is the Gorge, with Newbiggin hazy in the distance. The old mans account is fairly correct, for vegetation is struggling for a bare existence on its rocky walls. The small stream plays hide and seek over the rough stones, on its downward course.

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