Heavisides Part 2 – High Force

Descending some stone steps, we stand almost in awe before the sublime fall, feeling like tiny creatures at seeing pour down each side of the fortress-like rock a tremendous volume of water, the white spray from it falling in such form that we are obliged to use our umbrellas. Here, some years ago, when the water was very low, two gentlemen climbed on to the highest part of the rocks, but, suddenly, a great wave several feet high came down. People near, at once saw the predicament of the climbers. A rope was procured and one of the gentlemen was safely landed on the river bank; but sad to relate, in rescuing the other, the rope was cut in twain against the sharp rocks, and he was hurled down the fall to meet a terrible death. Had they remained on the top for a few hours all would have been well as the water quickly subsided.

From a Photograph by Mr Walter Riley, Stockton.

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