3 thoughts on “Stockton High Street. c1985

  1. I seem to remember getting my first pair of long trousers out of Dunns. I was very proud, until I tore the knees out of them one Sunday when I fell off my bike, I wasn”t supposed to ride my bike in my best trousers – they shouldn”t have made me wear them on Sundays should they?


  2. High Street 1985 Altough Stockton High Street at ground level and in demolition has changed dramaticly, it is still possible, if you lift your eyes to buildings dating back over 200years. BE CAREFUL OF THE PAVING UNDERFOOT.  No 1 Ralph Sparks Cafe,, art-deco 1929 a must for wedding receptions, with its own smartly dressed “Nippy”s” ,to the left the small windows of a late 1700 dwelling. No 2, Richard”s shop”s below the town dwelling of Captain William Christopher late 1700 friend of Captain james Cook and senior Captain of Hudsons-Bay Company, buried in Norton St Mary”s. No 3 Ratners / Lennards. The full length of the rope-walk of Ropery Street to the right again 1700 structure with Georgian “splayed” stone lintels above. No 4 Midland-bank, a burst of banking opulence of the late Victorian period, with its massive colums and carvings. Pushing in to the left is “Romeo”. All and much more to veiw above the late 20th Century commercialism


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