7 thoughts on “John Whitehead Park. 2006

    • When the Billingham Urban District Council (BUDC) was formed in 1923 John Whitehead was clerk to the council, he held this position until his death in 1947, his replacement was Fred M Dawson who remained in the post until just before the formation of the Teesside Authority, he vacated the post in 1967 and there was a temporary Clerk until 1968.


  1. I remember John Whitehead park with the tea room in the pavilion – it hasn’t really changed that much – I love going back to see all of the young people playing in the new playground there – it truly is one of my best memories


  2. John, hope you dont mind me asking but when you were little did you live in Station Road? Going back to the park – I remember Billingham show when all the tents were up, it used to cost sixpence for children and pensioners, and adults a shilling. It used to open on a friday afternoon until the saturday night in the first week of August. It was a shame when they moved it into the forum as it was never the same. I remember the fire engines and old cars, and the army used to put on displays. All of Billingham used to look forward to it (wish Stockton Council would put it back on in the park again)


  3. Wow what a rush of memories. I remember John Whitehead park and the Forum back in the late 60″S. I even remember John Trattles and Davy hall.


  4. I used to cut through John Whitehead Park every school day on my way to Davy Hall (Campus Schools)between 1967 and 1973. It was a lovely park then. I remember the sensory garden for the blind close to the entrance nr.junction of St. Aiden”s Cres. and Melrose Ave. I recall the lovely tea room in the pavillion in full swing. I also remember watching Cliff Richard playing tennis in the courts there one afternoon (c.1970?). I believe he was appearing at The Forum.


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