5 thoughts on “The High Street, 1959

  1. I remember him well. Striding down the high street tipping his bowler hat to the ladies. Seems that good manners died with him sad to say.


  2. There was another Master Tailor in Stockton called Parker. He had his shop and cutting rooms behind Mathias Robinson on the corner of a little street that ran through into Bishopton Lane. The Harris Tweed never wore out wonderful material but could be a bit itchy and not everybody liked it, even suiting was 26oz in those days. Mr Parker was a Scotsman and lived near Sparkes Bakery, a lovely man and excellent tailor. Does anyone else remember him?


  3. Information on a well known Stockton character who would have known the view above. Report from Evening Gazette April 12th 1991. ” A Stockton Master-Tailor, whose retirment 10 yeas ago closed a 102 year business in the Town has died in a Norton Nursing Home aged 90. Mr Hunter-Martins firm in Norton Road,opened first in Silver Street, by his grandfather in 1879, moving to larger premises in the High street near the Town-Hall. The redevelopment of the High street in 1969 saw a move to Norton Road, near St Marys Church. Widower Mr Hunter-Martin, formerly lived in Victoria Avenue Norton and was a familiar sight walking into Town in bow-tie, bowler and immaculate self-made three piece suit”. The High Street Shop frontage with suits, hats etc of the period on display is now in Preston Hall Museum “Victorian Street, a fine tribute to this Gentlman.


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