3 thoughts on “The derelict ICI building at Billingham.

  1. I spent my first year, after leaving school, working as a Messenger Boy at the Agricultural Division Main Office. I worked for Willy Webster who ran the mail service, prior to taking an Apprenticeship. The Elevators inside the building were called “Paternosters” which were a walk-on walk-off design. Although we weren’t supposed to ride them over the top, we did, especially if we could get one of the girls to go over with us. I don’t think they would allow that type of Elevator now, for safety reasons. I was there 1963 – 1964. The only other guy I remember as a Messenger was, Frank Scott also from Billingham we went to school together.
    Great times at ICI, lots of good people.


  2. Hello Margaret (as I knew you) My name was Parker when I worked in C Corridor. I worked with your sister Liz too. It was Elaine King who was typing supervisor – she went back to Jamaica but died a few years ago.Do you remember Mr Whittaker and Mr Bramwell and Emily Donaghy from Central File. Do you also remember singing in the Research Parties – I have a photo of us doing just that!!! Happy days!!!!


  3. Worked as office staff for ICI in the 60″s, and remember going into this building when it was new! There were some lifts in there which had no doors, and never stopped, you just stepped on and off at the required floor as it passed – they were called “Pater Noster” lifts, maybe cos we always said a prayer that we got the timing right. Suppose the H & S boys wouldn”t permit such things now! Worked in “C” Corridor in R & D from 66 – 68 with Elaine Kelly, in the typing room. There was also Stan Burnicle, Ron Winter & Dr Angel to list those I remember in the translation section of the Library. Anyone still out there remember where they are now.??


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