4 thoughts on “The Royal Hotel

  1. I returned back to Stockton to live with my daughter Jacqueline Iceton in April 2016 and then moved to a flat in Cypress Court in Primrose HiIll


  2. Back again from Aussie April 2016 and enjoying many visits to the riverside also the lovely Ropner and Preston parks and the market days with the mechanical display at 1 o’clock every day which brings back many happy memories of my years in Stockton.


  3. I have just returned to Australia after spending 9 weeks in Stockton-on-Tees and am amazed at the development by the river side its really beautiful for people to stroll along, The river has been utilized for different sports etc, I have been back to Stockton 4 times since 1986 and enjoyed every minute; The High street has had many changes over the last few years the shops could have been upgraded, I enjoyed strolling round the market stalls on Wednesdays and Saturdays which brought back many happy memories of past years there .


  4. I remember this scenery very well the old Cab stand were the drivers sat waiting for customers near the Vane Arms Hotel, but this picture was taken before 1928 there are no tram lines. To the right of the picture from the cab stand towards the old Empire Theatre were the Hirings, roundabouts, swings, ice-cream stalls etc. I remember my auntie taking me there as a boy of 8 years old when I was given 2 penny vouchers from the school I attended, and could buy an ice-cream or go on the rides, those Cabs were also used for Funerals with most people walking behind to the Cemetery, sadly all those old buildings have gone, I emigrated to Australia in 1986. I have been back to Stockton 4 times over the years, the last visit July 2012 and was amazed at the changes that have been made.


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