9 thoughts on “William Newton School Class of 1951-52

  1. Any more school chums in this picture who would like to get in touch I would love to hear from you. I live in Newcastle upon Tyne now but my friend, also in this picture, keeps me informed.


  2. I am in this picture of which I got a copy from Dorothy Smith. I was Marjorie (Madge) Hill then. I am in the middle row just left of Miss Dixon. I remember Ruby Sharp, Enid Fisher and Elfreda Heron, the latter use to live very close to me when I lived in Norton. Its lovely to hear from old school chums.


  3. I did know a Dorothy Parkin who unfortunately passed away quite a few years ago. When I knew her she lived at the top of Durham Road. I”m not sure if this is the same lady you are looking for Ann. I am sorry to be the bearer of sad news if she is.


  4. Hello Ann Dove, Sorry,I don”t know the whereabouts of Dorothy Parkin. I vaguely remember the name but I can”t put face to name. Did you go to William Newton?


  5. Hello Dorothy Smith, I have been trying to locate a girl that went to William Newton School, but without success. Her name is Dorothy Parkin, lived on the Roseworth Estate. Do you yourself or anybody out there know of her whereabouts?


  6. Here are the names from Back Row to Front Row L to R:-Back Row. Mavis Summerbell, Maureen Cox, Brenda Booth, Marjorie Plant, Jean Dixon, Maureen Skerritt, Margaret Hickman, Pauline Cummings, Joan Trainer, Dorothy Walker, Annie Poole, Jean Lewis.Middle Row. Ann Lee, Doreen Wright, Elfrida Heron, Gillian Wright, Mary Doe, Marjorie Hill, Ruby Sharp, Annetta Harrison, Hilary Walker, Joyce Ingram, Elizabeth Bell. Front Row. Rhona Booton, Marjorie Taylor, Christine Ford, Pat Leeming, Nancy Littler, Miss Dixon, Dorothy Reed, Enid Fisher, Vera Dale, Ann Rowntree, Jessie Burham.


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