Gift Day at St Johns, Alma Street

t9541This photograph shows a pair of young girl with her mother, and a young boy being presented with gifts by members of the clergy at St Johns Church, Alma Street, Stockton – some time in the 1950s.

Photograph and details courtesy of Anthony Maughan

6 thoughts on “Gift Day at St Johns, Alma Street

  1. I suspect that, rather than being presented with gifts, they are handing back gift boxes. As I recall, these were cardboard moneyboxes which would have been filled with loose change (since the previous gift day). Anybody want to confirm my hazy recollections?


  2. St.John”s Vicarage Durham Road was almost opposite what was the “Fever Hospital” which bacame Durham Road Childrens Hospital.I think the building is still there,near to the “new” St.John”s Church.The photo of Father Waker and Father Wiltshire really stirred my memory.When we were kids,we had a budgie that my dad tried to teach to swear.Mother was scared that the bird obliged when Father Waker called in on his estate visit!!


  3. I remember this photo being taken by the photographer from the Evening Gazette.I think it was about 1951. We lived in Mellor Street at the time and had walked up to St John”s to give in the gift box before going to the town. Sadly I think I am the only one still alive from this photo!!!


  4. What a blast from the past!!Fr.Waker took a few of us through Holy Communion and Confirmation classes at the old vicarage on Durham Road.I can remember the young Curate[fr Wiltshire]very well as my mother quilted a beautiful pram set for his first baby.Mum used to be in the Church Guild and often helped to put on concerts held in the school hall What memories and thank you for posting the photograph…


  5. Gift Day at St.John”s Church, Alma St.-some time in the fifties. David Price (Churchwarden); Fr. Waker; Fr.Wiltshire; Stephen Tucker;Kathryn Brown;Irene Brown


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