4 thoughts on “1st Norton-on-Tees scout group.

  1. Geoff, Regarding 2nd Norton – I was a member of that troop in the early sixties, seem to remember I was in green six – probably 1960-62. We met on a Saturday morning in the scout hut which was in the dip (old quarry??) behind the Green/St Marys Church, where the two sets of high rise flats are now built. I used to walk across the fields from Roseworth – always got the number 7 bus back home with a carrier full of Blackwells pies. I remember we also sometimes met on a Tuesday night in the summertime. Regards Dave


  2. The reason for the change in neckerchief colour was back in the 1950″s when 1st and 2nd Norton Amalgameted into 1st Norton. They took a colour from each of the two groups, the dark green from 1st Norton and the light blue from 2nd Norton, to come up with the neckerchief that is still worn today. If 2nd Norton ever started up again they would get their original colours back. Has anyone out there got an old 1st or 2nd Norton neckerchief. Geoff Ness Cub Scout Leader – 1st Norton Blue Smoke.


  3. John Trotter. I have made a few messages on the site regarding the 1st Norton Scouts, especially being the 1st cubs with Ron Huckle to start the Group after the war. (Look on the Mill records through the database) Also the reclaiming of bricks so that a Senior Scout Goff Simpson at that time could build the Scout Hut at the Mill. As I have mentioned I noticed that the neckerchief colours had changed, when did this happen and why? For more information, the “Erics Own” was named after Eric Robinson. His nephew named after his Uncle lives next door to me.


  4. 1st Norton Scouts: If anyone has any old pictures or memories from there scouting days we would be pleased to hear from you; we can then pass more of our history on to younger members of our group, and add to 1st Norton scouts history. The pictures that Norman Huckle as kindly given us are fantastic. We would like to be able to put names to faces, as many hundreds people have been involved with 1st Norton over the years. So come on everyone put your thinking caps on again. John Trotter (Scout Leader)


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