5 thoughts on “Holy Trinity School class S3, 1951

  1. As I was browsing on the internet I came accross the photo of the “Class of 1951” and saw all my old class mates. I do remember you Alan, especially attending a birthday party at your home in Stockton, and I remember your mother – she was always very friendly towards me when ever we bumped into each other. We have been living in Australia for the last 36 years and I would love to hear from you.


  2. Ian, Can”t help you much with Brian Hall. I have not clapped eyes on him since 1952. I remember he started at Boots as some sort of store lad on leaving Trinity.


  3. This is a photograph from the third year at Trinity School taken in 1951. Back row: l to r, John Hill,Ray Yellow,Paul Booth, Whittaker?,Winston Pannett, ?, ?, Brian Hall. Mid row: l to r, Derrick Eddy, ?, Webster, David Galer, ? , ?,  Thompson, Ken Wood, Bott row: l to r,  Colin Campbell,  ? , Pete Appleby, Brian Toulson, Joe Palmer, Mr Campbell ( Art), Frankie Thomas, Alan Wealleans, Brian Nevin, Davidson, Mick Branson. Hope my classmates can find themselves easier than I could remember their names!


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