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  1. Geoff Eggett.I was in the Life Boys with you at the church on Yarm Road along with Frank Woodward who lived next door to you on St Cuthberts Road.


  2. Another poster, an employee of Kvaerner has stated that they will be vacating the 1950″s offices in the near future. So get your cameras out, before they are demolished! By the way John Horan, I”m your old Parkfield workmate “Kevo”. email me at kevin291@yahoo.com


  3. Hi Keith (Roberts) – yes you got it right. I am THAT cousin. She was my grandmother too, of course, and Hume Street was where I was born. Will be in touch.


  4. Geoff Eggett – did you live in St. Cuthberts Rd. Stockton?. If so you may remember my late grandmother Rachel who lived opposite in No.27 (and me as a little lad?). Apologies if not.


  5. The earlier comments are almost correct however this is the northern end of what was the early office block of Ahsmore Benson Rease & Co (a sister company of The Power Gas Corporation limited. Their offices of the early 1950s still stand on the corner of Gladstone Street & Bowesfield Lane and extend into Ashmore House Now all part of Aker Kvaerner Process Ltd., with access from Richardson Road


  6. This photo was taken looking south at the junction of Bowesfield Lane and Parkfield Road. It shows the northern end of the former Power Gas offices laterly known as Benson House in the Davy/Kvaerner era. Just visible at the extreme left, are the premises of Parkfield Foundry which, along with the PG offices, were demolished a few years ago. Having stood vacant for some time, the site is currently being redeveloped as a housing estate.


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