The Zephyrs

The first photograph shows the Zephyrs when Dennis the drummer was singing Speedy Gonzales, he always donned a Mexican hat and a poncho whenever he sang this number.

The second was probably taken in the early sixties when they were playing at venues around Stockton with other groups such as the Bluecaps.

Photographs and details courtesy of Barry Parkin.

9 thoughts on “The Zephyrs

  1. Barry Miller in the photos was also a good football referee, he was on the Football League List & he has his own garage business in Thornaby.


  2. Six Five Special was indeed an inspiration for Tommy and myself. Some of the first songs we learned were “Last train to San Fernando”, a hit for Johnny Duncan band and Butterfingers, a song by Tommy Steele, written I believe by Lionel Bart.


  3. I remember that early guitar of Tommy”s well and had a strum on it once or twice….I was about seven or eight years old and the steel strings hurt my fingers. It was a long time later that I learned to play folk guitar myself. But I can remember the lads in the kitchen at Tommy”s house practicing with those skiffle instruments… fantastic.


  4. Tommy Harbron is one of my many cousins from Stockton… I remember being crammed into a front room with his sisters Brenda and Jean, My uncle Lenny, aunty Meg and other relatives watching the Six Five Special, Tommy Steele and other icons from the era on a small black and white telly. That”s where he got his inspiration I”m sure.


  5. Yes Keith you are right, they are talented musos, especially Tommy harbron on lead guitar. As a youngster of about 12/13 I remember Tommy getting his first guitar, a red bodied acoustic. He took to it like a duck to water. I remember we tried to form a skiffle group but we couldn”t get a wash board so we ended up with two tea chest bases. Had I been a better guitar player I may well have ended up in the Zzephyrs myself.


  6. My sentiments exactly. I am very fortunate to call those lad”s true friends, having played alongside them for many years in the late 50″s early 60″s. Extremely talented musicians, they proved it by being the only group of that era to reform as original band members and play for many years. They disbanded a couple of years ago. Groups of the 50″s & 60″s and The Zephyrs are always synonymous with each other.


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