5 thoughts on “Sadberge Road in Stockton. c1986

  1. Some of my best friends lived in this road in the 50’s Archie Berry, Dave Robinson, and Ronnie Ibbotson all lived there along with Terry Weston and Yvonne Booth who was Archie’s girl friend at the time. We used to hang around outside St Cuthberts School before heading off to Ropner Park or the 6 fields great times and good friends.


  2. This picture is taken from Richardson Road (with what used to be Ashmore’s to your left and the red phone box behind you) I was thinking of the other end of Sadberge road. Yes I’m Barry’s cousin Ian. I Lived next door to the Tuttys & opposite Mrs Tailor. I remember Ken but was closer to his younger brother Stevens age. I also remember the Coller’s, Hamptons & Hobsons.
    Rita Sawdon still lives with her brother Albert in Richardson Road and her daughter Tracy still lives in Sadberge Road.


  3. I think you will find it is Sadberge Road,you are right on the opposite side of the road there is 2 blocks of 4.The side the picture was taken there is 3 blocks of 4.My husband Ken Marr lived in number 1 from 1949 to 1970 when we got married.In 1986 when the photo was taken his father lived in number 4.The car in the photo was my husbands car,the Tracys lived in number 2 and the Biddlestones lived in number 6.Ian are you related to Barry Huitson that lived in Richardson Road.


    • There was 3 blocks of 4 first being 2 to 8 then 10 to 16 then 18 to 24 Mrs, airy livid in 18 Mrs wise in 20 has a child the Hampton family lived in 22 the Biddlestones I thought lived in number 8 has children Reanie Biddlestone would give us empty pop bottles to take back to banks corner shop happy days gone for ever I lived in Sadberge Road from 1960 to 1982 my mother until 2007


  4. This picture is not Sadberge road. Sadberge road only has two blocks of four houses, this shows three blocks of four. It is most likely the next road along from the crossroads, Cotherstone Road.


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