5 thoughts on “Stockton High Street c1997

  1. Thanks for the good wishes for the festive season Peter. I wish the same to you and your family. I hav,nt a clue about the depot but I saw on Tuesday that someone had answered your question. I am a year or twenty five older than you. Re-write REMEMBER out for me 100 times by tomorrow night! Spellings are a hot thing for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Hi Allan ,can I pick your brain for a moment and as you been a stockton lad ,and year older than me lol, I can slightly rememeber a royal navy depot opposite the horse and jocky pub on junction road or is it my age playing tricks with me, by the way allan hope you had a nice christmas


  3. Geraldine Thorne, Not sure whether or not your Grandfather had the Adelphi during WW2 but I remember the air raid siren being fixed to the ridge of the roof on or near to the gable end. The volume was terrific ( or it was to a seven year old on his way home from school) because it warned a large area of the High Street.


  4. 16 High St was owned for many years by my Grand father, George Rusk, it was called The Adelphi. The Westminster Bank was next door,where I opened my first bank account.The High St at that time had a lot of character with the cobbles and all the old buildings, the cattle market on Wednesday and Saturday.What a busy town it was then. They would queue out side my Grandfathers, with the Farmers and their Wives meeting up after one selling or buying and the other shopping.The stall holders would get their flasks filled with tea or coffee and get sandwiches to take away,coming back later for a meal when things got less hectic.


  5. A wonderful place for modellers of all ages. I bought both brick wall paper for dolls houses from here. My earliest into models were from Dickens in the High Street were it was possible to buy 1/72 scale balsa model kits , my first was a I-16 Russian fighter plane later I graduated to rubber-driven “Keil-Kraft” flyers. F Hills on Norton Road was a marvellous place for scrap balsa from their waste tip, using plans from previous aircraft it was possible to cut out more planes, although the tissue-paper was a problem. It was sometimes possible to find enough scrap balsa to make the whole flying model of this wood.


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