4 thoughts on “Harland Place in Norton

  1. 19 Harland Place was the residence of my grandmother, Letitia Gertrude Nelson in around June 1905. She had an illegitimate son, Austin, possibly by someone named Walter James Boyle, although he may have lived in Billingham, or elsewhere in the Stockton area. I shall be pleased to hear from anyone with any knowledge of Letitia and, of course, Walter Boyle.


  2. I don”t know about that “C” reg Ford Anglia being newish! The Hillman Hunter shown has a straight bumper without overrides like my old Humber Sceptre (a tarted up Hunter) so I”d guess “69” or after.


  3. Date is in the late 1960″s. Outside Supreme Cleaners are newish cars with 1965 and 1966 registrations (“C” and “D” suffixes) and outside the sale rooms is a Hillman Hunter, introduced at the 1966 Motor Show, so probably an early 1967 “E” registration. It looks like the early Hunter and there were changes at the “67 Motor Show – mainly at the front, unfortunately for this photo. I”m not so sure about the little Peugeot behind the Hillman.


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