7 thoughts on “Stockton FC Team, 1964-65

  1. Ray Moore in this photo was the ‘Cannon Ball Kid’, he played for many seasons after this for Billingham Synthonia in the Northern League, he could certainly strike a ball & was a local Peter Lorimer of Leeds Utd fame.


  2. Former Stockton Schoolboys are well represented in this team,but only one I know of was a local grammer school boy Ray Moore of Grangefield.


  3. Hi Len you have a good memory for names eh? The lad on my right is John Pearson, and the Player extream right is Captain Kenny Metcalf, and yes Davey Butler was Terry Venables right hand man once over, when they were with Q.P.R they were out here on tour and caught up with Dave.


  4. Bob I cannot put names to the two guys on your right,the rest back-row 4th from left John Kirk,Kevin Cockerill(brother of Trevor),Davy Butler,front-row Alan Williamson,Ray Moore,Dave Spears,Dave Conner,John Moodie.As I have mentioned elsewhere on the site Davy Butler played for Watford & was physio to England & Spurs under Terry Venables.


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