15 thoughts on “Thornaby in the 80s

  1. I think that is the exact spot on Westbury Street when I was about 8 or 9 , crossing over towards the greengrocers, heading to the other corner shop for sweets. When a car came around the other corner, can’t think of the streets name, but you can see the shop and the street sign up on the wall. Anyway the car shot around the corner after I was told it was safe to cross and ran me down. My leg was between both of the right side wheels when the numpty reversed back over me and my leg broke. Still got forced to go to school with a hip plaster and crutches, St Pats juniors at the time, this was in 68-69 I believe .


  2. Dessies fish shop was on the right – just out of shot.
    The corner shop in the picture was a fruit and veg shop which myself and eldest son always remember as the ‘scram’ shop. My son, a toddler at the time and who shall remain nameless, was usually quite hyper whenever we went into the shop and delighted in the man telling him to ‘scram!’ when we entered.


  3. The photos of Thornaby bring some fantastic memories back for me. I was born in Eldon Street and all of the Thornaby pictures, including the Westbury School have fond memories for me. I was born in 1956 but have two brothers and one sister who may be in the school photo. Maiden name Green. Brian, Kevin and Susan are my siblings.

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  4. It sure is Westbury street ,leading down to the five lamps .The shop on the far corner from the veggie shop on the corner of Cobden street was a newspaper shop – I used to be a paper boy there. I had an honoury uncle in Leeds street Cocky Lowther, he got me my first job as an aprentice shipwright at Furness ship yard at Haverton Hill.


  5. It is in fact Cunninghams Fruit shop.It was my uncle that owned it & I worked for him both in the shop & delivering fruit & veg.The shop was on the corner of Leeds Street & Westbury Street.There was also a shop on the opposire corner called Smiths & this was a bakery with everything baked on the premises.


  6. Certainly is Westbury Street leading up from the Five Lamps. left of picture is the Catholic chuch with the entrance to Cobden Street centre left of picture.


  7. yeh angela its wessy street the corner shop was called cunninghams a fruit shop on the same block on the other corner was eds newspaper shop


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