5 thoughts on “Class photo of Westbury Street School 1946/47

  1. With reference to Billy Day, maybe Jim Instone could enlighten us. Billy Day played for Middlesbrough 1955-62 & he was playing before he finished serving his time as a fitter, when he was doing his National Service he was stationed in Germany & Boro used to fly him home to play. Billy’s greyhounds, China Doll & Vanessa, ran at Bell-Vue under the name of Colclough, his wife’s maiden name.


  2. I am the same age as these boys which would be born 1937-38. I worked at Head Wrightsons at the same time as Billy Day the M’bro footballer but he was in the Apprentice School probably 1 or 2 years before me so I think that the Billy Day on this photo would not be the Boro footballer. Also he hailed from the North Ormesby area.


  3. I wonder if this is the same Bunny Wain who as Kit Wain had a short career as a child actor in the 1920″s. It seems like an awfully unusual name.


  4. Hope this photo from 1946/47 of Westbury Street School will bring back memories. I was about 10, 3rd right 2nd row from front. Our teacher was Bunny Wain. Despite wartime shortages we were well turned out and cared for – a tribute to parents and extended family. Can remember we all took a bag of soil to school to make a garden at the front of the school. Many years later it was quite established with trees. Some of my classmates I can remember after all this time – John Bell, Geoffrey Dunwell, Billy Booth, James Black, David Hogan, Arthur Linus, Harry Hinchcliffe, Donald Eddy, Barry Mennell, Kees Raine,John Boyle, Don Morrison, Graeme Henderson,Barry Chesser, Billy Day, Stanley Redman. Donald McLaclan, Stan Redman, Billy Tait. Also remember being good mates with David Hogan and Don Morrison while at Westbury.


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