6 thoughts on “Market Day in Stockton – 1985

  1. I was looking at this photo before reading the accounts and realised that this was Sharps stall, which was on the end of the veg stalls and was the walkway from one side of the High Street to the other side. As Ken Rhodes mentions, you could here George Sharps voice all over the market. His favourite call was for bananas which were sold from this end of the stall. You can see them displayed there.


  2. This photo looks like my old school friend George Sharp who took over the stall from his father many years ago.At school George was only interested in maths so he could count the takings every evening when he took over from his dad.His voice could be heard all over the Fruit and Veg markets every Saturday and Wedensday.


  3. Please keep the comment relevant to the photograph (some extra detail or history) and avoid addressing it to an individual. Email, postal or web addresses should not be added. I was directed from this wonderful website to YouTube (Manhattons Stockton),and used a link to view Stockton Market Spring 1960.I could not believe what I saw.It was a cine film in COLOUR from 1960 made by a Redcar group,(many thanks to them).I strongly urge Stocktonians to look at this film.Hundreds of local people can be seen.Perhaps many will be known to you.It was fantastic to see an old friend of mine, Mr Charles Whitney who had a hardware stall.He sold brush heads,soap,washing powder,etc.Many of you will remember him.He was a real Gentleman.I used to help him on his stall on Saturdays when I was 8 to 10 years old.Mr Whitney,and his Wife Minnie lived at No 10 Sydney Street.Minnie died October 1960 at the age of 64.I remember reading an article in the Evening Gazette about Mr Whitney,and believe in his younger days he was in entertainment on stage.I may be wrong about this.Lovely memories.Please keep up the good work that you are doing at Picture Stockton.Best wishes. Tony Conlin


  4. I bought all my mushrooms on Stockton Market. My mother couldn`t stand the things so I always cooked them myself in butter. I still love mushrooms and have bought them at markets all over Europe but have never found any mushrooms that could come anywhere near the ones bought on Stockton Market. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.


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