Letch Lane Substation c1960s

This is a photograph of my dad and workmates taken in the late sixties at the substation on Letch Lane where he worked for a lot of years. My dads name was Bill Cooke. Maybe some Picture Stockton visitors will recognise the other men.

Photograph and details courtesy of Jeff Cooke.

3 thoughts on “Letch Lane Substation c1960s

  1. Correct Anon, Q.I.S. it was. I did some training there in 1983 with about 30 British Steel Redundantees. The man in charge of training was Roger Lambert.


  2. Didn’t this building become Q.I.S.(Quality Inspection Services)- they used to train people in the use of radiation for x-raying in engineering.


  3. This was taken at Letch lane substation Stockton and shows all the work force
    including the office workers. Having had time to think about it since
    posting it could have been early sixties. Some names come to mind:
    Bill Cooke (my dad) Davey Gray, John Lanchester, Jimmy Nicholson
    Tony Roe. Perhaps some viewers remember some of the people in the photo.


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