8 thoughts on “Dovecot Street in the 90s

    • And before him my grandparents Maurice and Jenny Stobart. It was a wool shop and house which is also featured on here under the title of 95 Dovecot Street. Lots of lovely childhood memories for me.


  1. ABN Domestics (second from last picture) used to be the old wool shop owned by my nan and where my mum worked before she was married. Other photos of this shop on here if you search for 95 Dovecot Street. This was pulled down just before Christmas – crying shame!


  2. With reference to the newsagents shop in Dovecot St (at number 68), this shop was run by my great grandparents Thomas and Emma Brown from about 1880 to the early years of the 1900’s (about 1903-4 I believe). I read some research written by Carol Mottershead which a contributor added to this site some time ago which suggests this shop could be the oldest continuously run newsagent in the area.

    I have been trying to find out more of the history of this establishment and its connection to my great grandparents. They moved there about 1880 and it is possible that this was when the premises was built. This part of Dovecot St was known as Mill Lane at that time (until about 1906).

    Not only did my great grandparents live there for about 30 years, but my grandfather, Percy Brown, was born there as well as my father, Thomas Yorke Brown in 1911. My father lived there, and later in Garbutt St until 1930 when he joined the army. I don’t suppose anyone remembers him?

    I have also wondered where the name ‘Yorke’ came from for my father. There is no trace of this in my family so I have always wondered if it related to a local family, place or important person. Any ideas anyone?

    I love this site and I read it daily. I have never visited Stockton, but I feel I know it very well through reading the contributions. Keep up the good work everyone.


  3. Michael Rowntree was not only a Parish Church choirboy at a time when the choir was numerically strong & of a very good standard from youngsters through to teenagers and adults, but also in the Young People’s group. Also a pupil at Richard Hind where his father was on the staff.
    Plenty of ‘anons’ contribute useful information to this forum!


  4. In the middle photo the newsagents shop on the right hand side after the old post office was owned by Michael Rowntree, he used to be a choirboy in the Stockton Parish Church.


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