First lady Porter at Stockton Station c1917

This is a photo of Mary Jane Clinton, aged 26. Mary had been widowed twice; she was left without a pension and three young children to look after. Mary with typical northeast grit fought back against her circumstances. She earned herself a living by becoming the first woman porter at Stockton Station during the First World War, though she had to give half her wage to the person who looked after her children.

Thank you to Mary Janes daughter Mary for supplying the photograph.

7 thoughts on “First lady Porter at Stockton Station c1917

  1. Hi. My name is Alan Davis in Perth Australia and I am building a new model of Stockton Station. I would like to add a small (miniature) plaque in memory of Mary Jane Clinton and mention her in the posting for the Station when finished. I will also be seeking permission to remember the tragic accident involving a railway man in I believe 1902 who was fatally killed when hit by a locomotive. Thank you in anticipation. Regards Alan Davis.


  2. Sarah, this was originally posted in the “picture the past” Evening Gazette November 26 1988. The article explains that the photograph was taken over 70 years ago (from 1988) and that despite her tough life she was 89 when she died.


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