10 thoughts on “Residents of the Turks Head

  1. The gentleman on the left is private John Bousfield of the 5th east Yorkshire rifles killed in action at wadi akarit, Tunisia on the 6th of April 1943 during the north Africa campaign aged 19 years of age.


    • Apparently he was killed by one of our own shells which unfortunately fell short during the creeping barrage which was happening just in front of the British attack, very sad.


  2. We lived in Oxford Street until 1958 when we moved to Hardwick. I went to school at Bailey Street with David Bousfield who lived in the Turks Head, I sometimes called for him to go to school usually after lunch, was he also a grandson of Ma Bousfield? His birthday was the same as mine 14th April.


  3. Leslie Meynell, if he is the same person I knew (will be 70+ now) went to the Richard Hind and later worked for the Stockton Library. When Mr Leighton who was in charge of the Library retired Leslie Meynell took his position over.


  4. Ma Bousfield was not a woman to be messed with by us kids that lived round the Gashouse area, but Dave Bodley was a credit to her bringing him up, he went to Newtown School then to Grangefield Grammar School along with other Gashouse lads Colin Taylor and Leslie Meynell. The old motor cycle shop address was Norton Road but it did not have a sign up with an owner’s name.


  5. The old motor cycle shop as mentioned above by Anon, can anyone remember it’s name or who owned it? Also what was it’s address, was it on Thompson street or perhaps Norton road?


  6. Yes, he was her grandson, his mother died in child birth and ma raised him up. Ma was my great grandmother but I was too young to remember her


  7. The photo of the two chaps in the background is Thompson Street & to the right is the old motor-cycle shop which was on the opposite corner to the pub. Dave Bodley lived in the Turks Head pub so was he Ma Bousfield’s grandson?


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