Miss Clephan`s class, Norton Board School c1948

Mr. Robert`s, Johnny Waller, Billy Clarke, George Keld, John Blakey, Miss Clephan, John Dietz, Cedric King, Margret Porrit, Gladys Barrack, Graham Pearson, myself (Bill Davies), Alan Kitson, Joan Wade, Margret Simpson, Brenda Nash, Joan Clarke, Olwyn Hindmarsh, Margret Mitchell, Gordon Sanderson and Maurice Tate. Can anyone fill in the rest of the names?

Photograph and details courtesy of Bill Davies.

1 thought on “Miss Clephan`s class, Norton Board School c1948

  1. George Keld, John Blakey, John Dietz, Alan Kitson, Gordon Sanderson and yourself. These are all lads living in the Beaconsfield Road are that I knew maybe in their ages after 16 years of age Is it possible Bill if you could put faces to their names. I may be wrong with John Blakey who lived in the Imperial Avenue area. Also I did in later years with a Don Ogden who would be in this age bracket. Is he on this photo?


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