4 thoughts on “Calf Fallow Cricket Team c1937/8

  1. Hi Bob, I “know” you through Maureen Walker on fb!! Just asked my hubbie, Falder did work in the signal box but it was before my hubbie was born (in the 40’s?). I am really hoping that someone from Calfs Fallow Lane can remember Falder and his parents living there, (think it was number 5?). Falder, Mary, Hilda (my husband’s mam) and Ann lived on Station Road, Page Road was the address on the marriage certificate. I used to go and visit with my husband before we got married. He had an allotment and was very proud of it. He also used to collect old tv’s and fix/sell them! Must be where my husband gets his fix-it skills from! I am hoping that someone reading this would remember the Crosby family too (George Crosby was a builder in Norton) because I am wondering if the Crosby’s and the Burnett’s were good friends or even related somehow? I noticed both names etched on the wall behind the font at St. Mary’s Church. Oh how I would love to jump into a time machine and go ask a lot of questions that are unanswered through my genealogy searching…. Thanks Bob.


  2. I was wondering if you remember the Burnetts that lived on Calf Fallow Lane? Falder, who would have been in his late-20’s when this picture was taken, was my husband’s grandad. Also, Sam Burnett, his dad. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


    • I remember Falders daughter very well. Ann would be my age, although not going to the same school people at the top end of Norton knew each other. At that time she lived in Station Road which in earlier years was Page Terrace. They lived almost opposite the cricket ground gates She had a tragic death. Did Falder work in the signal box at Norton Station? I did know of him.


    • Carole
      I have just found this site and I was wondering if your husbands name is Neville Duff brother of Lesley and Lawrence who played football for Billingham Synthonia.


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