11 thoughts on “Newtown Social Club, Stockton

  1. I remember the club before the extension was built. It was called ‘the Railway club’. My dad was a member, and I believe my Grandad was the steward back in the 20s. I joined in about 1968.


  2. My father used to go every Saturday, from the 50’s onward, to play cards with his friends His name was Frank Rhodes and he’d meet his brother Ron there, also my mother’s brother Bob Watson.


  3. Shame this and the buffs was the flagship for clubs in the area, the membership to get in for new members was as big as the high street!


  4. This was originally the Railwaymens’ Club and Institute. My Dad was a member for many years. I was taken there at Christmas and Easter throughout the 1950’s to get Christmas presents and Easter eggs. It was a very smart club with a huge waiting list.


    • Hi Barry, just seen your comments. You’re so right, we lost a good social club when the Newtown closed. A sad sign of the current times. The hard work that Herbert Leng put in all those years ago to make the club successful has gone to waste.


  5. when I first started on the railways in the late fifties there was a railway club in Stockton station, you went through a door and up a flight of stairs, just to the left of the foyer where the ticket office was. It wasn’t unusual to go for a pint before you went on back shift or nights, you wouldn’t get away with that now!


  6. Rather sad to see this photograph as I remember the days when it was a thriving club with a long waiting list. Does anyone know if this building originally began life as a club for railway workers?


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