10 thoughts on “Queens Football Team

  1. A lot of the people in this photo have passed away. Ray Retallick, Mario Ambrosie, Alan Mawby, Graeme Ibbotson, Jim(Kipper)Baldwin, Billy Bumford & Bob Nicholson.


  2. Billy Roberts in this photo had the Roberts Fish Shop in Dovecote Street, Stockton. Dave (Dumper) McCarten seen in this photo worked in the fish shop for years.


  3. Dave (Dumper) McCarten in this photo must have been injured, all the players in this photo were connected with Head Wrightsons football team at some time. I must say Paul, there is a likeness with our old mate Stevie Bromfield and Colin Taylor, because they both had the same barnets and I think the photo is the early seventies which means Stevie would of been still playing junior football and Stockton Co-op on a Sunday with you.


  4. The Queens Club at the Village Park Thornaby, back row L to R: Ray Retallick, Dave McCarten, Joffey Earnshaw, Barry Porteous, Barry Chambers, Mario Ambrosie, Alan Mawby, Lol Collier, Terry O’Hara, front row L to R: Graeme Ibbotson, Jim (Kipper) Baldwin, Billy Bumford, Lenny Chadfield, Gilly Dunford, Billy Roberts, Colin Taylor, Bob Nicholson. The Queens were a top Teesborough League team along with Portrack Social. Lee Nicholson loaned me this photo from his fathers collection.


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