11 thoughts on “Paradise Street – 1934

  1. To help orientate myself in this photo, the demolished section of houses were back-to-backs on Paradise St & Tees St. How small were those houses!
    At the end of the street, the properties facing us are on Maritime St, now where Maritime Road is. The small gap between the houses led through to Paradise Row.


  2. My 4x great uncle Ralph Harland was a Sail Cloth Weave… and his wife Margaret lived at no 15, Paradise Street for nearly 40 years, from 1850 to 1888. When both had died they left 2 sons James and Robert Harland


  3. A fascinating study – and very poignant for me as this street was the last family home of my great grandparents George and Maria McDonnell who had the Grocer’s Shop at No.3, which would have been almost at the far end of the street on the right. The photo seems to have been taken from outside No.18, the ‘Ship Inn’.
    Paradise Street was back-to-back with Tees Street and although much has been cleared away in this view, a section of the far terrace of the latter can be seen. My great-grandparents and family lived at 10 Tees Street in 1910 for a few months: this was also a shop, but was on the side that has already been demolished.


  4. This is the first picture I’ve come across of the area where my mother was born, James Street, which I believe stood in the area where the Diary was built.


  5. Correct, the ‘art deco’ influenced Coop Dairy was later built on the land to the left of the new road at this point. The towers of Robinsons’ Department Store clearly visible in the background with the tower of the (Methodist?) church on Paradise Row (now a wallpaper/decorating discount-store) in the middle distance. One particular street ‘Jameson Street’ is where one of my late wife’s grandparents lived, being rehoused to Eastbourne after the above demolition programme took place.


  6. I think you are correct. Looking at the skyline above the RHS of the car, the Parish Church tower is just visible. Also, the distinctive pinacle shape on the RHS of the road must, I think, be Carrols Building; this building still stands and is easy to identify.


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