Peace Day Celebrations Parade – 19th July 1919

What turned out as a great feature of the day was the huge Procession and Horse Parade, which entered Norton Road at 5 o’clock, headed by the band of the Discharged and Demobilised Soldiers and Sailors, who looked very happy indeed, being full of smiles. The procession was composed of almost every conceivable character, patriotic, humorous, ancient and modern.

Photograph and extract from Heavisides Almanack, 1920.Photograph from Messrs Thirlwell, Photographers, Bridge Road.

6 thoughts on “Peace Day Celebrations Parade – 19th July 1919

  1. Wish I could have been there to experience it. You hardly see marching bands now. The last time I saw one was in the eighties. I used to love the sound the Xylophone would make. I’m quite patriotic, so anything like this I’m always into 🙂


  2. I note the three smiling Army-officers in the foreground of the parade, almost a facsimile characterisation of the cast in the final TV series of Blackadder (re:WWI), complete with moustaches! Hartington Road, almost the same today, except for the demolition of approximately 6 of the larger houses on the right hand block shown to provide access to the Lawson Street Healthcare-centre/car park.


    • You are correct in saying this is Hartington Road, Maureen, I think the text suggests the parade entered Norton Road at some time during its progress…..(we took it from an old description of the event – sorry to be misleading…)


      • The photographer from Thirlwell’s appears to have set his camera-tripod in the 1st flr. bay window of the house at 79 Dovecot St, on the corner of Palmerston St. The streets being slightly off-set, the picture gives the impression that it was actually taken from high up in the centre of Hartington Rd.


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