The derelict Castle Brewery c1967

A view of the south side of the Castle Brewery yard on Bridge Road, Stockton. Included in the photograph is a metal tank surrounded by bricks. The brewery was opened in 1858 by W.K & J.Kirk. The brewery was closed in c1930 and later demolished in 1969. In the distance the old Stockton County Courts can be seen c1967.

1 thought on “The derelict Castle Brewery c1967

  1. My paternal grandmother was Beatrice Warhust Kirk before she married my grandad Robert Casey June 1917, wonder if she was related to Kirks who opened the brewery. Grandad Robert had served with the Kings Own Scotish Borderes, served in France/Gallipoli and back into France for the Somme offensive, he was wounded 1st day of battle 1916 April, another family associated with my Casey’s were a family called Dutson, they were publicans not sure if they had a pub in early stockton pre war 1914-18.


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