Hauxwells Engineering Works Machinery

Machinery inside Hauxwells Engineering Works in Yarm.

8 thoughts on “Hauxwells Engineering Works Machinery

  1. Worked there for two days a week while serving my apprenticeship at Crossleys Coatham stob. I was only there for 2 years 1965 1966 . Remember Tony Bradley well he got on well with my father Norman at Crossleys . I later went into the forklift industry. Happy days.


  2. I’ve seen reference to Hauxwell’s undertaking specialist engineering work to produce wartime munitions components on behalf of Head Wrightson . Fact or folklore ?


    • David, every Machine Shop or place with Engineering tools went on War Work, all the large engineering and construction works sent the smaller components out to be manufactured whilst they concentrated on the large manufacturing. Garages and disused shops became small producers of the parts that were a necessary part of the whole component. Small buildings were thrown up filled with machine tools and women trained to operate them, the production effort of the Tees area was massive. Even the local Blacksmiths were enrolled to make forged parts in between keeping the horses shod. I personally saw a corner shop turned into a welding and test bay, a local Taxi Garage turned into a workshop to produce metal products.
      All the big Factories had machine shops that concentrated on heavy stuff and it went down from medium to the mini works that were started, looking back it was a prodigious effort on the part of all the local engineering firms who produced everything from Ships, Wooden Fuselages, part of the Mulberry Harbour sent to the D Day beaches and anything in between. You had to be there to see it and now mainly forgotten though there are books about those times.


  3. Tony Bradley was my Grandfather. Sadly I didnt get the chance to meet him but feel like i know him from the many stories I have heard. I would of loved to of seen his workshop in its hayday 🙂


  4. I worked for Tony Bradley at Hauxwells. We could make or repair just about anything. One of the most interesting jobs was renovating the waterwheel at Tocketts Mill near Guisbrough.


  5. Tony Bradley owned the engineering business before it was sold for development into flats. They did a lot of there work for Crossleys Brickworks at Cotham Stob and for Hirds Skinyard in Yarm.


  6. This building, at the junction of Bentley Wynd/West Street (directly under the viaduct) was subsequently preserved and converted to private apartments, with an allocated adjacent parking area to the yard…


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