8 thoughts on “Churchill at Haverton Hill – 1941

  1. I believe that man may be Thompson, his Special Branch Policeman (Compare with Thompson’s bio). Danny Mander is a tall large man with red hair, whom I have the pleasure of knowing.

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    • Yes that is Thompson who was Churchill’s bodyguard during the war years. My father, Edmund Murray (born Friarside Co, Durham 1917) was Sir Winston’s bodyguard from 1950 to 1965.


      • My father in law worked at Chartwell, we have a painting possibly by your father or Winston, would it be possible to contact you?


        • Yes, sorry I have only just picked this up, four years late. If you would like me to look at the painting, contact Picture Stockton (pictures@stockton.gov.uk) and the team will forward on my email


  2. Churchills bodyguards: After the unsuccessful defence of Norway in 1940 the Nation and the House of Commons lost confidence in Neville Chamberlain. It was thought that Lord Halifax, a prominent appeaser, would succeed him, but thankfully on 10 May 1940 Churchill was appointed.
    After taking office Churchill asked for his former bodyguard to be recalled and appointed to guard him, along with a small corp of men who included Edmund Murray, Alfie Cope, William Day (from York) and Danny Mander. Mander was born in Lancashire to a Scottish mother and English father in 1917, and after school became a journeyman engraver. In 1939 he volunteered for the Military Police, and attended the Police College in March 1940. He was discharged in April 1946 and later emigrated to the United States. Both Thompson, Manders and Cope accompanied Churchill to the Teheran Conferance.
    After comparing photographs I’m pretty certain the bodyguard shown the the Haverton Hill photograph is said Danny Mander.


  3. With the help of Google Earth, this photograph can be located just inside the main entrance to the shipyard at Haverton Hill. In the centre of the picture, above peoples heads, you can just see the top of one of the stone gateposts, which are still there, although this entrance is no longer used. The building on the left is now the Haverton Hiill public house standing on the A1046.


  4. The guy in the trilby and light suit looks to be Winnie’s bodyguard. If so, according to a recent documentry series on Chuchill’s bodyguard, both him and Winnie will be packing Colt model 1911 45 automatic pistols.


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